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December 19, 2009

All-Girl Worlds

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Welcome to the only site of its kind on your world.

We have the honor to present stories and histories from worlds where both sexes are feminine. Just as some say yours used to be, long, long ago. But rather than talk about it, let’s jump right in.

Work in Progress

A Maid’s Duty


Commodore Lady Honoria Pratchett is given an unusual task by the Queen. The care and training of an alien. An alien who looks – outwardly at least – exactly like a maiden, but who comes from a race where only one sex look like maids and the other sex consists of distinctly alien-looking humanoids with furry faces and angular bodies, known as mascûli.

The alien herself is unwilling and distinctly hostile to the idea of being fostered on a civilized planet. Lady Honoria has served gallantly in defense of the Empire. How will she match up to this new and daunting challenge?

Complete, full length, short stories

Lady Carleon Investigates
The Adventure
of the Crystal Staff

A detective story set in an all-feminine world.

In an ancient college, a crystal staff alleged to have magical properties goes missing in a manner that seems inexplicable by natural means.
Amateuse detective Lady Carleon investigates.

A South Kadorian Romance

Humorous and heart-rending; a bittersweet romance set in the Deep South of a world like yours – and yet so very different. A girl from the far, frozen North encounters an aristocratic Southern girl who is a rebel and a misfit in her own society.

Endeline Towers

A Schoolgirl Ghost Story

Avendale school is evacuated after a fire to an ancient mansion where all is not quite as it appears. Amid the bustle of modern school life, ancient love and ancient tragedy make their haunting presence felt.

The Dream Key

A magical and heartwarming Nativity story

The strange old shop that is only there sometimes; the magnificent maiden in the silver snow-chariot; the key that unlocks the door between your dreams and another’s. Just a few of the things you will encounter in the wonderful story of the Dream Key.

Short Shorts

The Fairy Gambit

The Fairy Gambit

A humorous tale of space-strategy.

Many peoples travel the open roads of space, and why should they not? Trade in minerals and commodities unavailable on our own planets enriches us all materially, and meeting vastly different kinds of being enriches us spiritually.

There is, however a rather obscure species known as mascûli (0r one half of it is). They have spent the last few millennia killing their own kind and anything else they can get their hands on. Obviously it is in the interests of everyone to keep these creatures confined to their own planet.

This is the story of an intemorphic space patrol that has a peaceful if rather outlandish approach to the problem.

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