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December 28, 2009

Amazon History

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This Amazon History section has been included in the All-Girl Worlds site because it contains a great deal of fascinating material unobtainable anywhere else. The site where it was formerly housed has been discontinued and we were asked to host the Amazon History material and eagerly agreed.

This material relates to Tellurian (Earth) history but falls comfortably within the parameters of All Girl Worlds, since it postulates the true and original Amazons as an intemorphic (All-Feminine) people fighting for both their own survival as a people and for True Faith among the newer schizomorphic (male/female) peoples of the earth as patriarchy threatens to subsume them all.

This section has several essays on Amazon history seen from this point of view, followed by fictionalized-history stories from the days of the first Amazon War. It also follows the  intemorphic history of Crete and of the lost continent of Atlantis.

Amazon History Essays

Amazons: World History Timeline

Where do the Amazons fit in the great timeline of earth’s history. This chart and essay set the stage for the study of Amazon history and its real significance in the greater scheme of things.

“The Amazon Woman”

The expression “the Amazon Woman” is a contradiction in terms. But why? The answer will surprise you.

Looking for Amazons – an Amazon  soldier’s view

A fascinating view view of Amazons in history, beginning with the immortal words:

Looking for Amazons in patriarchal history . . . is like reading a history of cats written by mice. Mice do not know a great deal about cats, and what they do know tends to prejudice them.

Artemis Greek Goddess or Amazon Mother-God?

Artemis Greek Goddess of classical myth was also the “Goddess” of the Amazons – or was she? This article explains all you need to know about Artemis of the Amazons.

The Creed of the Amazons

The Amazons were fighting for a Cause. What was their Faith? What was the message they preached on their Great Campaign across the ancient world?

Myrine: First Queen of the Amazons

Not the first Amazon Queen, but the first queen who united the Amazons, led the great crusade against patriarchy and – even on the admission of patriarchal historians – was the originator of military method as it has been known for the past four millennia.

The First Great Battle of the Amazons

Fictionalized history: an account of the events that led up to the first battle (between Tritonia and Hakkur) that began the Amazon Campaign to cleanse the world of patriarchal tyranny.

The Sigil of Baphomet

Continuing the fictionalized history of the first great battle of the Amazons. New tactics lead to the fall of the patriarchal tyrant of Hakkur, and the city is found to be tainted with the mark of an ancient and terrible demon.

Invasion of the Amazons

The Amazon Campaign reaches its ultimate goal with the Invasion of the Imperial Center of the ancient world. The armies of Queen Myrine, gathered from southern Europe, Africa and Asia, invade Atlantis itself.

The Speech of the Amazon Empress

Hear the speech that launched the mighty Amazon Campaign in this stirring video.

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